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Participatory Governance/Integrated Planning

The State Center Community College District (SCCCD) is committed to a participatory governance and decision-making process through integrated planning and evaluation between its colleges/centers. SCCCD promotes student success, sustaining academic quality, fiscal stability, educational excellence and integrity for continuous improvement and institutional effectiveness throughout the District.

Roles of Constituents in District Decision Making (PDF)

State Center Community College District Participatory Governance Model (PDF)

SCCCD’s Integrated Planning/Participatory Governance process is comprised of eight components. The activities, meetings, and accomplishments of these components are summarized in Integrated Planning Summaries which can be accessed by “clicking” on each component’s title below.


Communication is a critical component of State Center Community College District’s integrated planning/participatory governance process. Well-established communication processes and channels provide faculty, staff, students and the community with information regarding the District. These allow for expanded opportunities for dialogue and sharing.

Facilities Planning

The identification, prioritization and planning for facilities maintenance, utilization and expansion at State Center Community College District requires careful coordination between the District and its colleges. Integrated planning is critical for the support of new and modernized facilities, identification and prioritization of capital projects, and for remodeling and maintaining existing facilities. Districtwide facilities planning has the overarching goal of enhancing and maintaining the physical environment of the District and its colleges.

Human Resources

Integrated planning/participatory governance is common practice within human resources planning at State Center Community College. The District is dedicated to supporting a diverse society and promoting a positive work environment throughout its colleges. District committees and other stakeholders collaborate to ensure sufficient staffing resources are allocated for the effective operations of the colleges, centers, sites, and district office/centralized services.

Institutional Research

State Center Community College District promotes a culture of evidence and collaborative inquiry to provide data that is used for Districtwide planning and evaluation, improving student learning and for maximizing institutional effectiveness. Institutional research activities include a District research agenda, the development of standard definitions and parameters for conducting Districtwide research and the identification of metrics to evaluate the District’s strategic plan.

Resource Development

The Districtwide participatory governance committee is the highest-level resource planning body that recommends an allocation plan for the distribution of District resources and provides input into District financial matters. The allocation and reallocation of resources at State Center Community College District is guided by a resource allocation model that adequately supports the effective operations and sustainability of the District and its colleges.

Student Access

Integrated planning, implementation and evaluation of a student success plan between the District and its colleges promotes student learning and achievement as well as institutional effectiveness. State Center Community College District is committed to reducing enrollment barriers by providing a hospitable and student-centered environment which supports ethnic and cultural diversity.

Student Learning

State Center Community College District is committed to supporting and assisting students to achieve their educational goal by offering informed and proven instructional programs that incorporate technology. Districtwide integrated planning ensures that all course and program offerings are consistent with both the District and college mission.

Technology Planning

Technology planning is a key component of Districtwide integrated planning. Strategic direction and implementation of information technology throughout the District improves teaching, enhances student learning and expands Districtwide communication. Evaluating the outcomes of technology integration ensure that technology resources are identified, maintained and/or updated to provide maximum reliability for students, faculty and staff.