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Board Goals

SCCCD Board of Trustees 2022 - 2024 Priorities and Goals

(Adopted at the September 6, 2022 Board of Trustees Regular Meeting)

GOAL Priority 1: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

Support student success for all students by setting strong direction for diversity efforts with clear board policies.

  • Prioritize the focus and support for the district KPI, DEIA, and accreditation efforts by adopting a goal of “advocacy for the District.”
  • Develop a board statement on its commitment to its role related to leadership and support of district-wide and college initiatives.
  • Hold board study sessions on matters related to student success.
  • Promote and support District’s efforts to nurture an equitable environment where all students can thrive.

GOAL Priority 2: State Center Community College District Employee Environment

Demonstrate commitment to supporting SCCCD workforce wellbeing.

  • Promote and support District’s efforts to increase diversity in hiring.
  • Review competitive pay for all employees.
  • Develop a policy that supports faculty to be proficient in multiple modes of instructional delivery.
  • Promote and support District’s efforts to nurture an equitable environment where all employees can thrive.

GOAL Priority 3: Fiscal Integrity and Stability

Monitor the financial health and stability of the district.

  • Prioritize adoption and implementation of the district’s Emergency Conditions Recovery Plan efforts.
  • Support board policy on Budget Management with the goal of maintaining a minimum of 17% reserve for economic uncertainties.

GOAL Priority 4: Board Development

Build Trustees’ knowledge base and experiences to enhance leadership.

  • Evaluate the annual board planning and review evaluation outcomes to adjust as needed.
  • Develop a better collective understanding of students’ experiences, the institutional barriers that challenge their success, as well as systemwide reforms and potential solutions.
  • Focus on accreditation training and CCLC Excellence in Trustee Certification.
  • Support and promote the continuous improvement of the Trustee Onboarding Process, including the Student Trustee.

GOAL Priority 5: Community Connection and Service

Build stronger community relations to encourage greater partnership opportunities and support for college programs and facilities.

  • Encourage the development of strategic planning that helps colleges work together to better serve the communities and address potential future enrollments in non-traditional populations.
  • Expand workforce development initiatives.