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Educational Services & Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of the Vice Chancellor of Educational Services and Institutional Effectiveness is responsible for the following district wide activities:


Coordinate the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of academic and vocational education programs for the District. The Vice Chancellor works closely with the campus curriculum committees in the development and revision of individual courses and programs, and facilitates the district wide Educational Coordinating and Planning Committee, which reviews and discusses the implication of the curriculum being presented prior to submitting the curriculum proposals to the Board of Trustees for approval. Another vital element involving curriculum is to continuously monitor and update the district wide common course list and articulated course list.

Workforce Development

Provide leadership and support for District occupational and workforce preparation programs and K-university partnerships. Serve as a liaison with the business community.

Strategic Planning

Provide leadership and facilitate development of a district strategic plan (pdf), oversee implementation and monitor progress in meeting its goals.


Oversee the activities and services of the Grants Office, including information about grant opportunities, guidance for grant proposal writing, monitoring of technical requirements and grant writing workshops.

Instructional Calendars

Develop instructional calendars to facilitate appropriate funding for the scheduling of courses and development of catalogs.

Perkins Career & Technical Education Act Funding

Oversee the allocation of federal Carl Perkins Act funds, grant implementation, and reporting.

Office of Educational Services & Institutional Effectiveness:

Mr. Jerome Countee
Vice Chancellor, Educational Services & Institutional Effectiveness
(559) 243-7261
FAX: (559) 324-6422

Janet Barbeiro
Secretary to the Vice Chancellor
(559) 243-7262

Rozanne Hernandez
District Dean of Workforce and Adult Education
(559) 243-7271
FAX: (559) 499-6020

Angela Steitz
Administrative Aide
(559) 243-7264