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Information Systems

Mission Statement

Provide enterprise-level IT leadership, implementation, and support to the District’s IT users

Vision Statement

Professionals, committed to excellence and success in all we do

Who We Are

SCCCD's IS Department is a team of about a dozen dedicated individuals with expertise in computer programming/analysis, computer systems, networking, phone systems, and teleconferencing.

What We Do

The IS Department works very closely with the Campus IT Departments to support the full range of IT-related capabilities you need to do your job.

The Campus IT Departments are responsible for PC support, classroom IT support, help desk support, and campus resources like shared folders and Blackboard.

The IS Department provides these services for the entire District:

  • Colleague: account creation, specialized programming, and all “care and feeding” of the system’s hardware and software.
  • Telephones : installation, changes, troubleshooting.
  • Internet Services: provide and ensure the proper operation of the District’s connection to the Internet, including: firewall; remote access (VPN and dial-up); CENIC data and video gateways for videoconferencing; e-mail handling; and various other related critical security and configuration responsibilities.
  • Wide-Area Network : planning, implementing, maintaining, and troubleshooting our inter-site network infrastructure and capabilities.
  • Teleconferencing : our teleconference expert schedules complex video conferences, maintains equipment, and helps train users in operation of the equipment found at sites throughout the District.
  • Helpdesk : primarily supports Colleague and telephone help requests for the entire District; also supports DO-only requests for PC/network assistance. (Campus/site personnel should contact their local helpdesk for PC/network assistance.)

In addition, the IS Department helps the Campuses/Sites with their efforts in all these areas:

  • CA Community College State Reporting
  • Federal Reporting
  • Financials (GL, AP, AR, Purchasing)
  • Institutional Research
  • Registration
  • Human Resources Management and Payroll
  • Student Record Management
  • Student Financial Aid Support
  • Campus Administration/Finance Support
  • Campus Network Support
  • Administrative Software Development, Maintenance and Support
  • E-mail and Internet Maintenance and Support
  • User Support
  • District Web Site Maintenance & Development

You may contact us during regular business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, by calling our Colleague/Phone Helpdesk at (559) 243-7330.

Requests for information should be sent to:

State Center Community College District
Attention: Director of Information Systems
1171 Fulton Street
Fresno, California 93721