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Achievement of Excellence Award

The Dr. Bill F. Stewart Achievement of Excellence Award annually honors a District employee who best exemplifies qualities in leadership, innovation, vision, and hard work; qualities inspired by Dr. Stewart during his tenure as Chancellor of the State Center Community College District.

Year Recipients Location
2023 Dr. Gretchen Ezaki Fresno City College
2022 Dr. Eileen Apperson Reedley College
2021 Julie Dana Fresno City College
2020 Lucy Ruiz State Center District Office
2019 Elizabeth Munoz-Day, PhD, RN Madera Community College Center
2018 Dr. Margaret Mericle Fresno City College
2017 Jan Dekker Reedley College
2016 Deborah J. Ikeda Clovis Community College
2015 Brett Camacho Fresno City College
2014 Dr. Janice Emerzian Fresno City College
2013 Dr. Jim Chin Madera Community College Center
2012 Dr. Terry Kershaw Willow International
2012 Mike Dana Fresno City College
2011 Lee Herrick Fresno City College
2010 Janell Mendoza North Centers
2009 Sean Henderson Fresno City College
2008 Paul Kaser Reedley College
2007 Susan Yates Fresno City College
2006 Gurdeep Sihota-He'Bert Fresno City College
2005 Eugene Evans Reedley College
2004 David Clark Reedley College
2003 Paula Castagna Fresno City College
2002 Olga Quercia Fresno City College
2001 Jill Harmon Fresno City College

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