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State Center Vision 2035


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In Spring 2023, the District embarked on an ambitious journey to develop a long-term, integrated plan: State Center Vision 2035. A key element of this plan was to revisit and update the District's Mission, Vision, and Values. At the December 12, 2023 Board of Trustees Meeting, the Board approved the District's new Mission, Vision, and Values:

Advancing equitable student access and achievement is at the heart of all efforts across the State Center Community College District.

We - the faculty, classified professionals, administrators, and Trustees at our four colleges, off-campus sites, and District Office - are united by this commitment.

In collaboration across the District and with our community partners, we serve the diverse and vibrant Central Valley by efficiently delivering a comprehensive array of postsecondary educational programs and support services to meet a range of student needs and student goals, including associate and baccalaureate degrees, transfer, employment-ready certificates, and lifelong learning.

Together, we create innovative, inclusive, and antiracist teaching and learning environments at each of our four colleges - Fresno City College, Reedley College, Clovis Community College, and Madera Community College - that are welcoming, accessible, and student-centered, designed to bolster our students' social and economic mobility locally, regionally, and globally.

Our Values are:

Diagram of our student centered values

  1. Student-Centered: Access; Achievement; Careers; Success
  2. Equity-Minded: Accessible; Antiracist; Inclusive; Social Justice
  3. Community: Belonging; Partnering; Serving; Unity
  4. Stewardship: Accountability; Adaptability; Fiscal Stability; Sustainability
  5. Kindness: Collegiality; Respect; Responsive; Trustworthy
  6. Innovation: Creativity; Curiosity; Excellence; Open-Mindedness

About State Center Vision 2035

The District is embarking on a transformative journey to develop a long-term, integrated plan, aptly named State Center Vision 2035. State Center Vision 2035 is of immense importance for our district. Due to the changing landscape of education, it is now time for thoughtful reflection and purposeful action to develop our next long-term plan.

The plan must also support our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) framework. All four of our colleges have been acknowledged for their DEIA work by the State Chancellors Office and the Campaign for College Opportunity. We must take our innovations to scale and work together as we have never done before to better serve our students, our faculty and staff, and our communities.

Historically, the District and the colleges have a legacy of providing exceptional academic opportunities, a long history of innovation and a proud tradition of offering career and technical programs that drive our regional economic efforts. In the past, our colleges and district completed plans individually. College educational plans outline the specific needs of each individual college. Facilities plans are based on the needs of the college educational plans. While there were some connections, the plans were a siloed approach to planning.

In order to have an effective and useful Facilities Master Plan (FMP), it must align with the needs of each individual college's Educational Master Plan (EMP). State Center Vision 2035 will integrate the colleges' and the District's planning efforts to complement one another and build a better road map for the future.

State Center Vision 2035 will be a far-reaching look into our future. Our collective ability to share, engage, and learn will provide the momentum needed to leverage our strengths so we may have a greater positive community impact. There will be many opportunities for all stakeholder voices to be heard.

Please take the opportunity to engage and become involved when the opportunity presents itself. Your input is important, valued, and needed. Meetings and other opportunities for input will be forthcoming. Stay tuned!

Please email with comments, questions, or input regarding State Center Vision 2035.


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