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Board Agendas & Minutes


All State Center Community College District (SCCCD) board materials and minutes can be found at the BoardDocs website or by clicking on one of the links below.

Date Meeting Location Link
01/05/2021 Regular Meeting ConferZoom January 5th Regular Meeting
02/02/2021 Special Meeting: Guided Pathways ConferZoom February 2nd Special Meeting: Guided Pathways
02/02/2021 Regular Meeting ConferZoom February 2nd Regular Meeting
02/10/2021 Special Meeting: Consideration of Interim Appointment - Chancellor ConferZoom February 10th Special Meeting
03/02/2021 Regular Meeting ConferZoom March 2nd Regular Meeting
03/04/2021 Special Meeting ConferZoom March 4th Special Meeting
03/24/2021 Special Meeting: Chancellor Search Process ConferZoom March 24th Special Meeting Agenda
04/06/2021 Special Meeting: Trustee Fellowship Intersession Project ConferZoom April 6th Special Meeting
04/06/2021 Regular Meeting ConferZoom April 6th Regular Meeting
04/16 - 04/17/2021 Board Retreat ConferZoom
04/28/2021 Special Meeting: Trustee Fellowship Intersession Project Workshop ConferZoom April 28th Special Meeting Agenda
05/04/2021 Regular Meeting ConferZoom May 4th Regular Board Meeting
06/01/2021 Regular Meeting: Tentative Budget ConferZoom June 1st Regular Meeting
06/21/2021 Special Meeting: Consideration of Tentative Agreement CSEA ConferZoom June 21st Special Meeting
07/06/2021 Special Meeting ConferZoom July 6th Special Meeting
07/06/2021 Regular Meeting ConferZoom July 6th Regular Meeting
08/03/2021 Special Meeting ConferZoom August 3rd Special Meeting
08/03/2021 Regular Meeting ConferZoom August 3rd Regular Meeting
08/20/2021 Special Meeting: COVID-19 Mitigation - Rescheduled Zoom August 20th Special Meeting
08/23/2021 Special Meeting: COVID-19 Mitigation Zoom and YouTube Live Stream August 23rd Special Meeting
09/07/2021 Special Meeting: Chancellor Search Process Zoom September 7th Special Meeting
09/07/2021 Regular Meeting: Budget Adoption Zoom and YouTube Live Stream September 7th Regular Meeting
09/24/2021 Special Meeting Zoom and YouTube Live Stream September 24th Agenda
10/05/2021 Regular Meeting Zoom
11/02/2021 Regular Meeting Zoom
12/14/2021 Regular Meeting: Organizational Zoom