2014 Meetings

Organizational Meeting and Regular Meetings

Governing Board Minute Index (PDF)

Date Meeting Location Agenda Minutes
01/14/2014 Regular Meeting SCCCD January 14th Regular Meeting Agenda January 14th Regular Meeting Minutes
01/16/2014 Special Meeting SCCCD January 16th Meeting Agenda January 16th Meeting Minutes
02/04/2014 Regular Meeting SCCCD February 4th Regular Meeting Agenda February 4th Regular Meeting Minutes
02/06/2014 Special Meeting FCC February 6th Meeting Agenda
02/18/2014 Regular Meeting DO North February 18th Meeting Agenda February 18th Meeting Minutes
03/01/2014 Special Meeting DO North March 1st Meeting Agenda March 1st Meeting Minutes
03/04/2014 Regular Meeting RC March 4th Meeting Agenda March 4th Meeting Minutes
03/04/2014 Special Meeting RC March 4th Special Meeting Agenda
03/17/2014 Special Meeting SCCCD March 17th Meeting Agenda March 17th Meeting Minutes
03/28 - 03/29/2014 Board Retreat Pines Resort March 28th and 29th Board Retreat
04/01/2014 Regular Meeting Oakhurst Center April 1st Regular Meeting Agenda April 1st Meeting Minutes
04/01/2014 Special Meeting Oakhurst Center April 1st Special Meeting Agenda April 1st Special Meeting Minutes
05/06/2014 Regular Meeting FCC May 6th Meeting Agenda May 6th Meeting Minutes
05/06/2014 Special Meeting FCC May 6th Special Meeting Agenda May 6th Special Meeting Minutes
05/28/2014 Special Meeting DO North May 28th Meeting Agenda May 28th Meeting Minutes
06/03/2014 Regular Meeting SCCCD June 3rd Meeting Agenda June 3rd Meeting Minutes
07/01/2014 Regular Meeting SCCCD July 1st Meeting Agenda July 1st Meeting Minutes
08/05/2014 Regular Meeting CCCC August 5th Meeting Agenda August 5th Meeting Minutes
08/21/2014 Special Meeting SCCCD August 21st Meeting Agenda August 21st Meeting Minutes
09/02/2014 Regular Meeting SCCCD September 2nd Meeting Agenda September 2nd Meeting Minutes
10/07/2014 Regular Meeting Madera Center October 7th Meeting Agenda October 7th Meeting Minutes
11/06/2014 Regular Meeting SCCCD November 6th Meeting Agenda November 6th Meeting Minutes
12/09/2014 Regular Meeting SCCCD December 9th Meeting Agenda December 9th Meeting Minutes

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