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Career Opportunities

State Center Community College District is currently seeking faculty, staff, and managers who share its commitment in empowering our colleges in their efforts to promote exemplary educational opportunities and to provide safe, inclusive, and supportive learning environments leading to student success and global competitiveness which will transform our region. We strive to attract and retain a qualified and professional workforce that is committed to providing an academic environment that is welcoming and inclusive and to empower classified professionals, faculty, and administrators to provide exceptional programs and services to our diverse student population.

For more information or questions, please contact our Human Resources department for academic positions or our Personnel Commission for classified positions.

Equal Employment Opportunity

State Center Community College District is an equal opportunity employer. It is our pledge to treat all applicants fairly and equitably in the recruitment and selection process. We endeavor to be a service-minded organization and respond to the needs of our applicants.


State Center Community College District is committed to recruitment, professional development, and instructional processes that support the goals of equal opportunity, equity, diversity, and are free of intolerance.