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The Human Resources Office is located in the historic Guarantee Financial building in downtown Fresno. 

1171 Fulton Street, Fresno CA, 93721

Department Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

  • (559) 243-7100 Phone
  • (559) 499-6007 FAX (Human Resources)
  • (559) 499-6006 FAX (Employee Benefits)

Julianna Mosier - Vice Chancellor, Human Resources (559) 243-7131

  • District EEO Officer, District Chief Negotiator, Member of Chancellor's Cabinet, EEO/Diversity, Compliance with Title V, State and Federal Mandates, Oversight of Human Resources Department

Lauren Lowe - Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor (559) 243-7132

  • Assists with Board Agenda Items, Executive-level Recruitments, Consultant Contracts, Labor Negotiations, Conflict of Interest Forms, Human Resources Budget

Sandi Edwards - District Director of Human Resources (559) 243-7151

  • Contract Administration, Labor Negotiations, Grievances, Progressive Discipline, Leaves/Interactive Process, Human Resources Consultation

Nicole Page - Administrative Assistant (Confidential) (559) 243-7122

  • Assists the District Director of HR with Disciplinary Actions, Leaves, Absence Tracking

Christine Phillips - District Director, EEO/Diversity & Professional Development (559) 243-7171

  • EEO/Diversity, Professional Development, Investigations, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Complaints

Gabriela Holguin - Administrative Assistant, EEO/Diversity & Professional Development (559) 243-7172

  • Assists with Professional Development Registration and Workshops, District New Employee Orientation, Classified Leadership

Frances Garza - Benefits Coordinator (Confidential) (559) 243-7133

Reina Kemble - Benefits Technician (Confidential) (559) 243-7134

  • Assists with Benefit Enrollment, Changes and Correspondence, Retiree Insurance Statements and Quarterly Payments, Long-Term Disability (LTD), Workers' Compensation

Sabas Martinez - Business Systems Analyst (Confidential) (559) 243-7137

  • HRIS, MIS, Data Collection/Analysis, State and Federal Reporting, Tracking/Calculating ACA Hours, NEOGOV Implementation and Assistance

Paola Zamora - Human Resources Analyst (Confidential) (559) 243-7140

  • Employee Classification and Compensation, Working Out of Classification, Labor Negotiations, Salary and Benefits Surveys

Navjit Puniani - Human Resources Analyst (Confidential) (559) 243-7156

Megan Garcia - Human Resources Analyst (Confidential) (559) 243-7173

  • Title IX Investigations, Workplace/EEO Investigations, Maxient User Support

Sareang Nhim - Sr. Human Resources Technician, Academic (Confidential) (559) 243-7136

  • Academic Administrator Recruitment, Full-Time (FT) Academic Employment Services, FT Onboarding, FT Evaluations, FT Class Advancements, FT Leaves of Absences, District Liaison for Equivalencies, Academic Board Recommendations

Kelli Hutchison - Sr. Human Resources Technician, Classified (Confidential) (559) 243-7135

  • Full-Time Classified Employment Services, Labor Negotiations, Leaves of Absences, Position Control Management, Duty Day Calendars, Professional Growth, Catastrophic Leave

April Johnson - Human Resources Technician, Academic (Faculty Hiring) (Confidential) (559) 243-7144

  • Full-Time Academic Recruitment, Part-Time (PT) Academic Employment Services, PT Evaluations, PT Leaves of Absences, PT Class Advancements, Seniority Lists, Unemployment Insurance Claims

Jessica Baros - Human Resources Technician, Academic (Faculty Hiring) (Confidential) (559) 243-7142

  • Full-Time Academic Recruitment, Part-Time (PT) Academic Employment Services, PT Evaluations, PT Leaves of Absences, PT Class Advancements, Seniority Lists, Unemployment Insurance Claims

Jesus Nunez - Human Resources Technician, Classified (Confidential) (559) 243-7154

  • Student Worker Employment Services, Classified Onboarding, Evaluations, DOJ/FBI Livescan Results, Unemployment Insurance Claims, Classified Board Recommendations

Blanca Soto - Human Resources Assistant (559) 243-7138

  • Assists with District Calls, District Mail, General Information, Livescan Fingerprint Payments, Personnel Files, Updates District Phone Directory

Human Resources Organizational Chart 

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