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The State Center Community College District’s Human Resources and Personnel Commission offices are located at 1171 Fulton Street, Fresno, CA 93721.

Human Resources

(559) 243-7100 Phone
(559) 499-6007 FAX

Julianna Mosier - Vice Chancellor, Human Resources x7131

Vacant Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor

Nicole Page - Provisional Administrative Assistant, Human Resources x7122

Mellisa Hodges - Administrative Assistant, Human Resources x7172

Samerah Campbell - District Director of Human Resources (Except Hiring Related Questions) x7151

Stacy Zuniga - District Director, EEO/Diversity & Professional Development x7171

Jame Yang - Limited Term Human Resources Analyst, Working Out of Class/Classification & Compensation x7152

James Young - Human Resources Analyst, Investigations x7173

Sandi Edwards - Human Resources Analyst, Accommodations x7156

Sareang Nhim - Limited Term Sr. Human Resources Technician, Classified x7153

Jennifer Gonzalez - Provisional Human Resources Technician, Classified x7154

Paola Lopez - Sr. Human Resources Technician, Academic x7135

Reshonda Martinez - Limited Term Human Resources Technician, Academic (Faculty Hiring) x7136

Personnel Commission

(559) 243-7100 Phone
(559) 499-6002 FAX

Elba Gomez - District Director, Personnel Commission & Classified Employment Services x7161

Christine Phillips - Human Resources Analyst, Personnel Commission x7162

Laurel Lacy - Provisional Human Resources Specialist, Personnel Commission x7164

Mary Haynes - Limited Term Human Resources Specialist, Personnel Commission x7163

Blanca Soto - Limited Term Human Resources Assistant, Personnel Commission x7168


(559) 243-7100 Phone
(559) 499-6006 FAX

Frances Garza - Benefits Coordinator x7133

Elaine Sasaki - Benefits Technician x7134