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The State Center Community College District’s Human Resources and Personnel Commission offices are located at 1525 E. Weldon Avenue, Fresno, CA 93704.


(559)244-5900 Phone
(559)499-6007 FAX

Julianna Mosier - Vice Chancellor, Human Resources x5977

Melissa Ferry - Secretary to the Vice Chancellor, Human Resources x5972

Jo Lewis - Administrative Secretary, Human Resources x5983

Mellisa Hodges - Department Secretary, Human Resources x5979

Samerah Campbell - Director of Human Resources (Except Hiring Related Questions) x5989

Stacy Zuniga - EEO/Diversity & Staff Development Manager x5990

Yer Her - Human Resources Analyst x5993

Jame Yang - Sr. Human Resources Technician, Classified x5975

Paola Lopez - Human Resources Technician, Classified x5981

Sandi Edwards - Sr. Human Resources Technician, Academic x5976

Sareang Nhim - Human Resources Technician, Academic (Faculty Hiring) x5986


(559)244-5900 Phone
(559)272-5156 FAX

Elba Gomez - Director, Classified Personnel x5973

Christine Ferguson - HR Analyst, Personnel Commission x5974

Reshonda Collins - Human Resources Specialist, Personnel Commission x5994

Vince Tafoya - HR Specialist, Personnel Commission x5998


(559)244-5900 Phone
(559)499-6006 FAX

Frances Garza - Benefits Coordinator x5933

Jennifer Samarin x5992