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Professional Development

The District plans for and provides all personnel with appropriate opportunities for continued professional development consistent with the District's mission and based on evolving education, instruction, technology, and learning needs. The goal is to provide resources and training that support the professional development needs of all employees; create a cohesive and supportive environment that recognizes and celebrates achievement; and improve institutional effectiveness with the ultimate goal of supporting student success.

The District encourages employees to continue to develop their professional expertise through academic, scholarly and professional endeavors after hire with the District. Employee participation in professional development is encouraged in order to improve performance and reach career goals and is generally voluntary, unless the District requires attendance based on the topic of the workshop or program. Employees may establish professional development goals through the evaluation process.

The District's Classified Professionals Steering Committee provides professional development opportunities to classified professionals through a Leadership State Center Academy and an annual Mega Conference.

The individual colleges also offer many professional development opportunities for employees. These trainings include, but are not limited to, Flex Days; Opening Day Activities, Division, and Discipline specific training, Classified Senate sponsored training, Equity-focused training, assessment and curriculum management system training, student retention software training, Institutional training, new faculty college orientation, Administrative Services training, and professional development related to Guided Pathways, and the California Community College Initiative.

The District offers many professional development opportunities for its employees. These trainings include, but are not limited to, New Employee Orientation; Cultural Sensitivity/Diversity Training; Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Abusive Conduct Training; Compliance and Safety Training; Management and Leadership Development Training; Classified Professionals Workshops; Information Systems and Public Safety Workshops; District Human Resources Workshops; and District Personnel Commission Workshops. Online training resources are also provided to employees through the California Community College’s Chancellor’s Office and the Vision Resource Center.

Professional Development Workshop Schedule

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