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Classified Professional Steering Committee Members

Classified Professionals Steering Committee

The Classified Professionals Steering Committee is dedicated to giving Management and Classified Professionals of the State Center Community College District professional and personal growth opportunities. The Committee is responsible for Achievement Recognition, Classified Professional of the Year, Leadership State Center Academy, and coordination of the annual Mega Conference.


Mission and Vision

Developing World Class Leaders - The Classified Professionals Steering Committee cultivates effective leaders and fosters individual leadership skills through participation on the committee which strengthens the State Center Community College District. The Committee's mission is to empower classified employees through the implementation of programs which provide professional, educational and personal growth while simultaneously supporting the District's Strategic Plan.

Steering Committee Membership and Committee Work

The State Center Community College District Classified Professionals Steering Committee works tremendously hard year-round to provide amazing professional development opportunities to all District Classified Professionals. During the spring, the committee offers a full-day of professional development at the Annual Mega Conference, which includes incredible keynote speakers, a vendor fair, breakout sessions, achievement recognition awards, and the presentation of the Classified Professional of the Year award.

Achievement Recognition

  • The Classified Professional Achievement Recognition was created to recognize and honor the achievements of Classified Professionals and Classified Managers. Achievement Recognition recognizes classified employees who have achieved an educational degree or professional certification (such as AA, BA, MA, Certificate in a designated trade or profession), or a significant career accomplishment.

Classified Professional of the Year

  • Classified Professional of the Year is designed to recognize the achievements of one classified employee of the District who has been nominated by their co-worker(s) or management. Using pre-established criterion, the Classified Professional Steering Committee puts together a District-wide representative panel to vote each year to determine the Classified Professional of the Year based on a nominee’s leadership service, school community involvement, commitment to students & the District, and community involvement. The winning employee receives a $500 gift certificate and a designated parking spot for the year. Classified Professionals of the Year 2007-2023

Leadership State Center Academy

  • Leadership State Center is a modular program designed to prepare classified managers and potential classified professionals for leadership roles. It promotes access to, and dialogue with, District and campus leaders, and facilitates development of leadership skills through assigned reading and related activities, as well as individual homework assignments.

Annual Classified Professionals Mega Conference

  • The Annual Classified Professionals Mega Conference is an optional, one-day, districtwide conference focused on the continuing professional development for classified professionals (non-faculty employees). With management approval, participants have the opportunity to attend keynote speaking engagements, attend a variety of breakout session workshops, and attend achievement recognition and classified professional of the year award ceremonies. If you would like more information about the conference, or if you are interested in making a donation or participating at the vendor fair, please contact: