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Academic Administrator Recruiting & Hiring Procedures

The Policy

It shall be the policy of the State Center Community College District to recruit and hire highly qualified district/college administrators who are expert educational leaders, who are skilled in serving the needs of a culturally and ethnically diverse student population served by the district, and who can enhance overall district/college effectiveness. Indispensable characteristics include excellence in educational leadership, expertise in administering district/college programs, positive personality traits, sensitivity to and an understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students, and a commitment to both students and the community college philosophy.

The governing board of a community college district derives its authority from statute and from its status as the entity holding the institution in trust for the benefit of the public. The governing board and the administrators it appoints have the principal legal and public responsibility for ensuring an effective hiring process.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The Board of Trustees, Administration, Faculty, Classified and Confidential employees have the shared responsibility to ensure that Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines are a part of the overall process of hiring Educational Administrators.

All participants in the hiring process shall receive training in Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines and procedures.

In complying with board policy and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines, the district is committed to an effective hiring process that does not discriminate against any individual.

Applicant Screening, Selection and Interview Process

Strict confidentiality shall govern all applicant files, reference checks and Screening Committee discussions relative to hiring educational administrators.

The college president and/or the chancellor or designees will pre-screen the applicant pool and narrow the field to twenty (20) applications to be forwarded to the screening committee. The chancellor and college president or designees will verify that all applicants meet the minimum educational qualifications as set by regulation.

Once the select pool has been agreed upon, the selection advisory committee shall screen the pool and at least the top five (5) qualified applicants shall be invited for an interview. The selection advisory committee shall select those applicants for an interview who best meet the desired qualifications listed on the job description.

After the candidates have been interviewed, committee members will recommend three to five unranked candidates. The college president for college positions will interview all of the candidates invited for an interview. The chancellor may interview all of the candidates invited for an interview. With concurrence of the chancellor, the president’s recommendation will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees for consideration and approval.

Notification of Candidates

All candidates for positions in the State Center Community College District shall be notified in a timely manner regarding disposition of their applications.

The formal offer of employment shall be prepared and issued from the District Human Resources Office following Board of Trustees approval.