Transfer Degrees

Six locations serving over 50,000 students across the Central Valley

  • Did you know that SCCCD offers two year Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) that guarantees admission to California State Universities?
  • At $46 per unit, imagine the cost savings.
  • Students can complete an associate degree for transfer (ADT) at our colleges and those units transfer towards a CSU degree in a similar program.
SCCCD Transfer Degrees Colleges
Administration of Justice FCC, Reedley, Clovis
Anthropology FCC
Agriculture Animal Science Reedley
Agriculture Business Reedley
Agriculture Plant Science Reedley
Art History Reedley
Biology FCC **, Reedley, Clovis **
Business Administration FCC, Reedley, Clovis
Chemistry FCC **, Reedley
Communication Studies FCC, Reedley, Clovis
Early Childhood Education FCC, Reedley, Clovis
Economics Reedley
Elementary Teacher Education FCC, Reedley, Clovis
English FCC, Reedley, Clovis
Food & Nutrition FCC **
Geology FCC
History FCC, Reedley, Clovis
Journalism FCC
Kinesiology FCC **, Reedley, Clovis
Mathematics FCC, Reedley, Clovis
Music FCC
Philosophy FCC, Reedley, Clovis
Physics FCC, Reedley, Clovis
Political Science FCC, Reedley, Clovis **
Psychology FCC, Reedley, Clovis
Sociology FCC, Reedley, Clovis
Spanish FCC, Reedley
Studio Arts FCC, Reedley, Clovis
Theatre Arts FCC

** Program pending CA Chancellor’s office approval

To learn more about Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) you can schedule an appointment with a counselor.

The guarantee itself means that students who earn an ADT and meet the CSU eligibility requirements are guaranteed admission to a CSU, but not necessarily to a particular CSU campus or major. With the ADT degree, you may be given a GPA bump when applying to an impacted CSU campus outside your local area or an impacted major that is deemed similar.