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Voluntary Benefits and Deductions

The District offers a variety of voluntary benefit products and employee payroll deductions. Depending on the product/deduction, enrollment can occur either during the initial hire enrollment period, the annual open enrollment period, or at any time throughout the year. Please contact the vendor for more information.

Employees can purchase supplemental life insurance at cost for themselves and/or their dependents. Life insurance plans can be purchased through American Fidelity or AFLAC. To enroll in a supplemental life insurance plan, please contact the vendor directly.

Employees can purchase voluntary supplemental insurance coverage such as short-term disability, cancer insurance, and critical illness insurance through American Fidelity or ALFAC. To learn more about voluntary supplemental insurance plans and to enroll, please contact the vendor directly.

Employees may enroll in a flexible spending account at the time of hire, within 30 days from date of hire, or during the annual open enrollment period. To enroll in a flexible spending account, please contact American Fidelity at (559) 230-2107, extension 0.

Section 125 Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) are governed by the IRS and allow eligible employees to deduct their employee payroll deduction toward the medical plan pre-taxed, as well as set aside pre-tax funds to use toward approved out-of-pocket medical, dental, vision and dependent day care expenses.

Dependent Day Care FSAs allow employees to contribute pre-tax dollars to qualified dependent care. The maximum amount an employee may contribute each year is $5,000 (or $2,000 if married and filing separately). A Dependent Day Care FSA is used to reimburse an employee for eligible dependent day care expenses incurred to allow the employee (and their spouse) to work, or look for work.

Unreimbursed Medical Accounts may be used to reimburse an employee for eligible medical, dental, and vision expenses incurred by the employee and their dependents on the health plans. This could include copays, deductibles, prescriptions, glasses, contacts, as well as other expenses allowable under Section 125 guidelines. The current maximum amount an employee may contribute is $2,700.

For more information about Section 125 Plan and Flexible Spending Accounts, please visit: American Fidelity Section 125 Plan and Flexible Spending Accounts

As an employee of an educational institution, employees may elect to participate in a tax-deferred retirement program as authorized by Internal Revenue Code Section 403(b) and 457. Both plans offer Roth Options.

403(b) Plans

TCG Administrators administers the 403(b) plans. For more information about the 403(b) plans, including a list of vendors, please visit:

To start a 403(b) plan the employee will need to choose which vendor(s) they wish to invest with and open an account with them directly. Then, call TCG Administrators at (800) 943-9179, let them know you are interested in opening a 403(b) plan for State Center Community College District, which vendor(s) the employee chooses and how much the employee wants deducted from their paycheck.

CalPERS 457 Plan

The CalPERS 457 plan is a voluntary retirement savings plan. This benefit is for all CalPERS and CalSTRS members. To schedule an appointment with the local CalPERS 457 account manager, please visit CalPERS 457 online scheduling service (select location "A Telephone Review" and staff "Debbie Orlauski, CRC") or call 888-713-8244. 


There are several Child Development Centers (CDC) within the District. There is no employee discount offered and there may be a waitlist. For more information, please visit the respective College CDC that fits your childcare needs.

SCCCD Employee Discounts Offerings

Sign up for a monthly discount on your personal AT&T wireless account by signing up at AT& By entering a district email address, and registering your account, account users can shop on-line to receive discount pricing on available services and phones.

National University Employee Scholarship Program

For a list of additional discounts, please visit: SCCCD Faculty and Staff Discount Offerings.