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State Center Community College District offers retirement pension options to eligible employees through different systems - California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS), California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS), and Public Agency Retirement Services (PARS).  Employees enroll in a retirement pension system during their new hire onboarding process.  If you are unsure which system you are enrolled in, please contact District Payroll at (559) 243-7100.

Additionally, eligible employees have the option of electing to contribute to a tax-sheltered annuity, such as a 403(b) plan and/or 457 plan.  For more information regarding a supplemental retirement tax-sheltered annuity, visit our Voluntary Benefits and Deductions site 

  • Public Agency Retirement Services Alternative Retirement System (PARS ARS) is a retirement account for part-time, seasonal, and temporary employees who work for public agencies
  • PARS Plan Information Sheet (PDF)

Retiree Health Benefit Options

Medical insurance benefit options may be available to eligible employees based on the applicable bargaining unit agreement, board policy and/or administrative regulation.  For a checklist to assist you through the SCCCD retirement process, email the HR Benefits Staff.

Tax Shelter Annuities

As an employee of an educational institution, employees may elect to participate in a tax-deferred retirement program as authorized by Internal Revenue Code Section 403(b) and 457.

With these programs, an employee may elect to deduct a certain portion of their pay before state and federal income taxes. Funds are taxed when withdrawn.

403(b) Plans

TCG Administrators administers the 403(b) plans. For more information about the 403(b) plans, including a list of vendors, please visit:

To start a 403(b) plan the employee will need to choose which vendor(s) they wish to invest with and open an account with them directly. Then, call TCG Administrators at (800) 943-9179, let them know you are interested in opening a 403(b) plan for State Center Community College District, which vendor(s) the employee chooses and how much the employee wants deducted from their paycheck.

457 Plans

The 457 plan is offered through CalPERS 457. For more information or to enroll, please contact District Payroll at (559) 243-7100.

Outside Retirement Benefits