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Haiden del Fierro, Student Trustee

Haiden del FierroHaiden del Fierro is a biology major at Clovis Community College. He will be transferring to UC Davis to pursue a higher education and his dream career as an exotic/wildlife veterinarian. He is also the president of Clovis Community College’s Central California Conservation Club. He founded this club at Clovis Community College to create resources and a sense of community for students who are passionate towards the environment.

Haiden has been a student at CCC since 2019 and became quite acquainted with his peers and professors over the years. It’s because of this that he joined CCC’s Associated Student Government in fall of 2023 as a senator, which put him in a position to represent his fellow students and give back to such a wonderful college that has been instrumental to his education as a STEM student. He has represented the student voice at his college's committees, Academic Senate, and events at Clovis Community College. Haiden is passionate towards all that grows and needs a voice, whether that’s animals, plants, and of course, students.

Haiden is honored to be on the SCCCD district board, and hopes to continue to represent students and now his sister colleges as the new District Student Trustee.