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Data Stewardship

To develop and implement consistent and effective data protocols and procedures to address issues concerning data management, integrity, accessibility, usage, sharing, integration, access, security, privacy, quality, and compliance.

Committee Members

List of committee members who developed the plan


Workgroup Charge

The Workgroup will be responsible for review, consultation, analysis, and communication of the policies and procedures developed.    

  • Provide consistency in the approach, designation, and governance of data, metadata, and the information base of business processes in support of institutional decision-making, reporting, and compliance 
  • Recommend guidance and oversight for compliance with data privacy laws and regulations, including but not limited to FERPA and HIPPA 
  • Recommend clear and commonly used structures, models, definitions, and processes to support coordination and collaboration, effective decision-support, and efficient operations District-wide. 
  • Give guidance and recommendations concerning institutional data related to expanding access, improving quality, strategic planning, assuring security, and business performance management 
  • Recommend policies and establish procedures and guidelines for District-wide data administration activities; the domain of these activities include: 
    • classification of data 
    • access to data 
    • data security 
    • data sharing 
    • data documentation 
    • data integrity, validation, and correction 
    • data manipulation, modification, extraction, and reporting 
  • Recommend and adopt roles and responsibilities of individuals involved in the management of District data 
  • Address ethical questions regarding the sharing and use of data 
  • Consult as necessary and provide progress reports on a regular basis to the Chancellor’s Cabinet