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Excel Foundation Skills Training

Program Details

Program Highlights

  • Boost your EXCEL skills with a half-day workshop
  • Become more productive and efficient with your spreadsheets
  • Strengthen the visual impact of your numerical data
  • Learn new things about EXCEL that you didn't know were even possible

Who Should Attend

  • Working professionals who want to enhance their performance and productivity with EXCEL

EXCEL 2016: Creating Worksheets, Formulas & Functions | TBD

This workshop will identify the elements of the Excel interface and learn how to create a basic worksheet. You will also learn how to create formulas and insert functions into a worksheet. By learning the powerful interface and features in Excel allows you to save time and reduce errors when trying to calculate complex equations. Common functions in Excel such as Sum, Average, Count Numbers, Max, and Min to advanced functions and tools like AutoSum.

EXCEL 2016: Modifying and Formatting Worksheet | TBD

This workshop will teach you the many tools that are available when modifying and formatting a worksheet. You will learn how to modify rows and columns using Excel's powerful tools and features. You will also learn about a variety of different font options, as well as how to use the Format Painter, the mini toolbar, and more.

EXCEL 2016: Printing and Managing Workbook Content | TBD

This workshop will teach you how to property print workbooks and worksheets, using default and custom print settings to refine the page layout and apply print options to tweak exactly how printouts will appear. You will also learn how to manage and view worksheets and workbooks in different ways and be able to work with data that is spread across several worksheets and/or workbooks.

EXCEL 2016: Customizing the EXCEL Environment | TBD

This workshop will focus on customization and using Excel's version control features. You will learn how to customize ribbons, quick access toolbar, functionality of Excel by enabling add-ins, and interface elements that suit your own personal workflow. This session also includes a "Bringing It All Together" class project to test all newly acquired skill sets.


Dates & Times

To Be Scheduled


SCCCD Herndon Campus, 390 W Fir Avenue, Building A, Room 104, Clovis, CA 93611

Registration Fee

$320 - Includes all 4 sessions and class materials

Space is limited! Registration in advance is required! Call: 559.243.7530