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Investigation Process

An investigation is an administrative process, not a civil or criminal proceeding. The purpose of an investigation is to find out what happened, determine who, if anyone, is responsible, and determine if any District or College policies, regulations, or standards have been violated. When the College or District receives a report of possible gender discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual violence, an investigation is initiated. Investigation steps are listed below:

  • All relevant information made available to the investigator, or information that the investigator was reasonably able to gather during the investigation is considered. Relevant information may include, but is not limited to: witness statements, electronic correspondence (e.g. text messages, social media communications), photographs, recordings, and other written, non-written, hard-copy and electronic materials.
  • The investigator will provide the complainant and responding party with an opportunity to respond to all of the information that will be relied upon in making a finding. Both parties will have equal opportunities to meet with the investigator (separately) to present their perspectives, provide witnesses or other information, to bring a representative to their meetings, to ask questions, and to seek clarification. In cases involving student responding parties, a hearing may also take place.
  • At the conclusion of the investigation, the investigators and/or hearing panel will submit their findings, based on the preponderance of evidence standard (more likely than not) to the appropriate College or District Administrator for a final Administrative Determination.
  • The complainant and the responding party will both receive a copy of the final determination which will include any appeal options available.