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My Portal

About My Portal

Single point of access to your common applications, resources, and links. Once logged into the portal, many of these can be accessed without further authentication (Single-Sign-On for WebAdvisor, Canvas, and Self-Service, with more to come soon). My Portal Supports all major browsers as follows:

  • Google Chrome - Recommended for best experience
  • Mozilla Firefox - Recommended for best experience
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari
Note: Microsoft Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

Current Version: 1.5.0

Communication Preferences Panel

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You can access the portal from the main District website or from any of the main college websites by clicking on the "My Portal" link. Students should access the portal from the college website they are attending:

District Website

District Desktop Menu

Fresno City College

Fresno City College Header Menu

Reedley College

Reedley College Menu

Clovis Community College

Clovis Community College Header Menu

If you are using a mobile device, the link to the portal can be accessed from the District or college site menu Menu Icon icon and will display as follows when clicked:

District Mobile Menu

Note: To simplify these instructions, only the District mobile menu is displayed. The My Portal link is located in the same location on all college websites as shown above.

Logging into the portal is easy!

  1. Click on the Sign In button located on the My Portal Welcome page
  2. Enter your Username and Password
  3. Select your role: Student or Employee
  4. Click on the Login button

If you run into trouble, click on the Problem Logging In link located on the login form to view support information.

InformationThe tutorials listed below assume that you are already logged into the portal. Follow the directions above if you are not yet logged in.

About WebAdvisor

Search for classes, register, check financial aid, check grades, pay fees online, and more.

How to access WebAdvisor

  1. Click on the Dashboard tab
  2. Click on the WebAdvisor button located in the My Favorite Apps portlet on the Dashboard, and WebAdvisor will open in a new browser tab
  3. Click on Log In button located at the top right hand side of the WebAdvisor screen to complete the Single-Sign-On (SSO) process

How to favorite an application

  1. Click on the Apps Catalog tab
  2. Click on the Menu icon to display the context menu
  3. Click on Add to my Favorites

How to remove an application from My Favorite Apps

  1. Click on the Dashboard tab
  2. Click on the Trash Can icon to remove the application from the My Favorite Apps list

How to move a portlet

Note: portlets that contain the Lock icon are fixed and cannot be moved.

  1. Click on Options in the portlet header to display the context menu
  2. Click on Move this portlet
  3. Move your mouse over the Outward Arrows icon and then click and hold the left mouse button and move the portlet to the desired location