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Release Notes

About this release

Version 1.10

  • Added Section Roster application launcher for instructional staff to view their course roster for the current term.
  • Added My Schedule portlet for current students that displays their course schedule for the current term.
  • Added Preferred/Affirmed Name to the user profile context menu for staff.
  • Added Affirmed Name application launcher to Apps Catalog for staff that have access rights to approve affirmed name and pronoun preference submissions.
  • Added Concept3D application launcher to Apps Catalog for Fresno City College staff tenant.
  • Added UKG Clock and Dashboard application launchers for employees and student workers to enter in work hours, request sick or vacation time, etc.

Version 1.9

  • Added Parking portlet.

Version 1.8

  • Added Name/Pronoun Preferences to the user profile context menu for students.
  • Added Preferred Name Administration application launcher to Apps Catalog for staff that have access rights to approve preferred name and pronoun preference submissions.

Version 1.7

  • Add Jobspeaker application launcher for each college tenant for current staff and current and former students.
  • Added Jira application launcher for staff.
  • Added new group memberships for students and current tenancy.
  • Upgraded library for text messaging and a dependency.

Version 1.6

  • Added Zoom application launcher for current employees.
  • Updated access rights for Self-Service application launcher to match WebAdvisor.

Version 1.5

  • Added Adobe application launcher (Creative Cloud and Document Cloud) for staff.
  • Added California Community Colleges Vision Resource Center application launcher for staff.
  • Added access to Employee TimeClock Plus and COVID Vaccine Submission application to Student Workers.
  • Fixed accessibility issue with the Skip Navigation button.
  • Fixed bug with My Favorites where in some cases a duplicate application launcher would be displayed.

Version 1.4

  • Added Microsoft O365 Ribbon Portlet for Students.
  • Added Canvas application launcher access to Training Institute Students.

Version 1.3

  • Added eLumen application launcher for each campus tenant.
  • Added AIM Accessibility Request Portal application launcher.
  • Added Notification Hub application launcher for select users.
  • Added logic to detect employees and instructors migrated to Office365 to display appropriate staff email application launcher. Employees and instructors migrated to Office365 will be able to access email via SSO.
  • Enhanced the Communication Preferences panel to target channels to specific audiences to support an upcoming release of the new 1st2know Emergency Alert Notification system.
  • Dropped support for Internet Explorer 11.

Version 1.2

  • Added a Communications Preferences panel feature.

Version 1.1

  • Added a CCCID Notification to the portal informing students that do not have a CCCID on how to obtain one.

Version 1.0

The initial release of MyPortal has been limited in scope to focus on providing the following core services:

  • A powerful, robust, and extensible framework in which future services can be built.
  • Responsive design for use on a wide variety of devices.
  • Multi-tenant interface with branding for each of our college campuses.
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) point of entry to District and third-party applications:
    • Branded login experience for each college through the portal.
    • Canvas, WebAdvisor, and Self-Service are currently configured for SSO.
    • More applications will be configured for SSO soon!
  • Support for all major browsers:
    • Google Chrome - Recommended for best experience
    • Mozilla FireFox - Recommended for best experience
    • Edge
    • Apple Safari
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 - Not recommended but supported. This is not a modern browser so performance is not optimal.

Things we are currently working on:

  • Student Financial Portlet.
  • Adding more applications to the SSO service.
  • Adding more optional communication channels to Communication Preferences.
  • Enhancements to Communication Preferences to give users more choices and better user experience.
  • Screencasts and tutorials on how to use the My Portal.
  • Personalized portal experience for students, staff, and faculty.
  • Starting to plan for next major update to version 2 of My Portal.