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The best way to access Canvas, WebAdvisor, and student email is through MyPortal. Select your college campus below for more information:

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Fresno City College

Student login instructions for Fresno City College

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Reedley College

Student login instructions for Reedley College

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Clovis Community College

Student login instructions for Clovis Community College

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Email Information

Please make sure that you use your proper email address which does not include your student ID.


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Wi-Fi Login Info

Username: Your 7-digit student ID number.

Password: Your first name initial (upper case) + your last name initial (lower case) + your date of birth (mmddyy)


For example, student John Smith was born on January 1, 1997 and has a student ID number of 0123456. John’s login information would be:

Username: 0123456

Password: Js010197


To access the campus Wi-Fi network, use your Wi-Fi capable device to search for the SCWIFI network.


Need Help?

Student Systems Support Call Center (Help Desk)

If you need help with your passwords or logging on to Canvas, WebAdvisor, or Email, call the Student Systems Support Call Center. Need your password reset, we are here to help and are available 24/7.

Phone: 1 844-887-2223

Website: Online Support Center

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