Coronavirus Resources District information pertaining to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated COVID-19 Information August 22, 2022

Aug 18, 2022

Dear State Center Community,

Congratulations on a strong start of the fall semester! As you all have seen, the CDC has revised some of their COVID guidelines. With these revisions, they are more in line with the current guidance from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). When revisions come out from the CDC or the CDPH, it often sparks questions. To that end, I wanted to share some updates to our COVID-19 protocols for the fall 2022 semester. Throughout the pandemic, we have endeavored to provide timely updates, useful information, and needed resources to keep our college communities safe.

As we transition to a new phase in the pandemic, we recognize that these ongoing variants will continue to have an effect on all of us for the foreseeable future. While the virus is "here to stay," the good news is that the current circulating variants are not causing as much severe illness, successful treatments now exist, and vaccine-induced and naturally acquired immunity offer strong protection against severe illness and hospitalization. As a result, our healthcare system is much better positioned to serve the medical needs of our community. All of these factors are allowing us to resume a somewhat more normal, more pre-pandemic life.


The State Center Community College District vaccine Policy remains unchanged and is in effect for fall 2022. All students, faculty and staff are required to have a COVID-19 vaccination or pledge to test once a week in order to access campus facilities and programs, to participate in any on campus educational opportunities, and to be enrolled in in-person classes. To reiterate, the State Center Community College District COVID-19 vaccination policy no longer requires unvaccinated students and employees to submit an exemption, rather, you must pledge to test weekly if not vaccinated.

Vaccine Booster

Boosters encouraged to prevent severe illness and hospitalizations: As a reminder, most people are eligible for a booster five (5) months after receiving a final dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or two (2) months after receiving a Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Please remember to update your vaccination/booster documentation on your Self-Certification link located in single sign on SCCCD portal.

Face Coverings

All locations: State Center continues to follow the guidance of the CDPH and local health departments and highly recommends wearing a well-fitting mask for all public settings, regardless of vaccination status. The CDPH defines an effective mask as "having both good fit and good filtration" and wearing a surgical grade, N95, KN95 and KF94 mask indoors is highly recommended. Free surgical grade masks are available at multiple locations at each college, centers and the District Office.

Childcare settings: Based on updated guidance from public health experts and childcare professionals, SCCCD Child Development Centers will move to masks are "highly recommended", but no longer required effective Monday, August 22, 2022.

Medical settings: The only area where masks will continue to be required are in healthcare settings, such as our Student Health Services and medical clinics.


Our Shield T3 COVID-19 Testing Centers continue to offer free, in-person testing on each campus, and soon, each college and the district office will have self-service vending machines installed that will provide convenient testing at no cost for the entire SCCCD community, this includes those required to test once a week.

Isolation Guidance

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please follow the SCCCD Employee Reporting Procedures. In short, do not come to work if you are ill, notify your manager, and follow all direction that you will receive from Human Resources. SCCCD Human Resources continues to update the Employee Reporting Procedures to align with evolving CDPH guidance and Cal-OSHA regulations. For managers, please follow the Manager Reporting Procedures.

Ongoing Preventive Efforts

Our custodial teams will continue their heightened cleaning protocols throughout our facilities as they have throughout this pandemic. You will also find hand sanitizer dispensers, sanitation supplies, and facemasks located throughout our campuses and District Office. We will also maintain our efforts to increase fresh air ventilation and high-level air filtration throughout our buildings as we know that better ventilation reduces virus transmission.

Working Together

Together, with these important resources, we will continue to protect the health and well-being of not only ourselves, but our family and friends. Please know that as conditions evolve, we will continue to adjust our protocols, guidelines, and resources as needed to ensure safety and to support the educational needs of our students.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank our college COVID-19 task forces, which includes representation from our leadership, staff, students, and faculty. Your tireless efforts, guidance and feedback have kept our campus healthy and safe during a challenging time. Thank you!

I look forward to seeing you at one of the many events at the colleges of State Center. I hope you will join in looking towards a bright, successful, and productive fall semester.


Dr. Carole Goldsmith