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Quarterly Board Policy and Administrative Regulation Report

Jul 19, 2022

All employees are responsible for knowing, understanding, and abiding by all District Board Policies (BP) and Administrative Regulations (AR). Therefore, we are providing you with an update of revised or newly created BPs and ARs quarterly. All BPs and ARs may be found at the following links Board Policies and Administrative Regulations

Chancellor's Cabinet continually works on revising and updating the District Board Policies and Administrative Regulations, so they are aligned with the District's mission, vision, and values, are in compliance with local, state, and federal legislation, and provide clear guidance to employees and students within our district and college communities.

All Board Policies (BP) are read, reviewed, and approved by the State Center Community College District (SCCCD) Board of Trustees after being reviewed by Chancellor's Cabinet and Communications Council. All Administrative Regulations (AR) are read, reviewed, and approved by Chancellor's Cabinet and reviewed by Communications Council (some may also require Constituency Review).

Board Policies

Board Policy Approval Dates
Number Title Approved by Board of Trustees
BP 3500 Campus Safety 04/05/22
BP 3530 Weapons on Campus 04/05/22
BP 7130 Compensation 06/14/22

Administrative Regulations

Administrative Regulations Approval Dates
Number Title Approved by Chancellor's Cabinet
AR 4050 Articulation 04/11/22
AR 7130 Compensation 04/11/22
AR 3410 Nondiscrimination 05/02/22
AR 3430 Prohibition of Harassment 05/02/22
AR 3433 Prohibition of Sexual Harassment 05/02/22
AR 3434 Responding to Harassment Based on Sex Under Title IX 05/02/22
AR 3435 Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Complaints and Investigations 05/02/22
AR 3450 Complaint Procedure 05/02/22
AR 3540 Sexual and Other Assaults on Campus 05/02/22
AR 7348 Employment Disability Accommodations 05/02/22
AR 7340 Leaves 05/09/22
AR 7345 Catastrophic Leave Program 05/09/22
AR 6620 Naming of Facilities 05/09/22

If you have any questions regarding any Board Policy or Administrative Regulation, please contact the Chancellor's Office at 559-243-7103.