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Important Update on Fall 2022 Semester Preparation

Aug 1, 2022

I am writing today with an important update regarding our Fall 2022 Semester COVID mitigation efforts. While the virus is still prevalent in our community, those who have become infected are not falling severely ill and ICUs are less impacted by those seeking care for COVID symptoms. We have seen the positive impact of increased availability of vaccines and anti-viral treatments as well as changes in the virus that have improved our community health outlook. I am looking towards the future and want to share with you the District’s plans as we prepare for a successful and healthy Fall 22 semester.

Continued Testing

Our SCCCD Board’s vaccine mandate remains in effect. Starting this week, the District will move from twice weekly testing for all students, faculty and staff, except for those showing proof of vaccination, to once a week testing.

For those who are testing twice a week, you will now test only once a week. This modification allows individuals to test any day that works best for their schedule.

We will continue to offer free testing on each campus. Advice from public health officials is to test whenever you may experience symptoms, regardless of your vaccination status. As a reminder, regardless of your vaccination status, all students and employees may utilize our testing center, free of charge.

Facial Coverings

The state Department of Public Health (DPH) is strongly recommending wearing a mask for all indoor public settings. The DPH defines an effective mask as “having both good fit and good filtration. N95, KN95 and KF94 masks are highly recommended.”

The District will continue to “highly recommend” facial coverings by all individuals in indoor settings. The only exception is in those areas where healthcare and child development services are being provided. We will continue to require masks in our healthcare and child development services areas in the continued effort to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The District supports every individual’s choice to wear or not to wear a facial covering. As leaders in our community, we must continue to respect and honor the choices of all individuals who feel more comfortable wearing a mask, who may be immunocompromised, or who may be taking additional measures to ensure the health of family members and others.

On behalf of the trustees, we appreciate the efforts of our students, faculty, and staff who collectively maintained a healthy working and learning environment. The District will continue to work with public health to monitor conditions and adjust as warranted. This fall we have decided to “dial it down” and we remain prepared to “dial it up” if our health indicators change. My pledge to you is to provide timely updates. I am grateful for your understanding, your flexibility and the many ways you are supporting the academic efforts and wellbeing our students.


Dr. Carole Goldsmith