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Injury of Illness

  1. Do not move a seriously injured person unless there is a life threatening situation.
  2. Call the District Police Department at Extension 5911 (559 244-5911 for 24 hour service). Give your name, location, and telephone (extension) number. Provide as much information as possible regarding the nature of the injury or illness, whether or not the victim is conscious and breathing, etc. District Dispatch will contact the campus nurse(s) and arrange for an ambulance if required.
  3. Return to the victim, if trained administer first aid, and keep the victim as calm and comfortable as possible. You should list below the names of persons in your building who are trained in first aid or C.P.R. should they be needed. You should maintain a list and know the location of the nearest first aid kit if one is available.
  4. Remain with the victim until District Police Officers arrive.
  5. Report an injury or illness to your supervisor and the Company Nurse at 1-877-740-5017.