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Madera Community College

Madera Community College

Madera Community College (MCC) is located at the edge of the city of Madera on Avenue 12 east of Highway 99. Originally known as Madera Community College Center, classes were first offered in 1985 in partnership with Madera High School. Madera Community College provides an affordable, quality education to approximately 4,500 students per year who are residents of Madera County and nearby communities. In July 2020, Madera Community College became the 116th campus in California's community college system. 

Student success is the focus of the Madera Community College with comprehensive, innovative programs in transfer/general education, occupational education, and developmental education. Our modern administration building located at the center of the campus includes a library, assembly hall, admissions and records, student services, and offices. The current 50,000 square foot academic village complex houses science, computer, and art laboratories in addition to a 150 seat lecture hall, classrooms, and administration and faculty offices. Distance learning courses also are a priority, providing online courses and linking the Madera Community College with other District sites. The campus will develop over several years to serve a diverse student body and be the core of a 1,867-acre mixed-use community.

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Madera Community College at Oakhurst

Madera Community College at Oakhurst (formerly Oakhurst Community College Center), which opened in 1989 at Yosemite High School, serves approximately 1,200 students per year and offers them the opportunity to receive an affordable, quality college education right in their own community. Currently, it is located on a 2.5-acre site at Highway 41 and Road 426 and serves Oakhurst, Mariposa County, Coarsegold, North Fork and the surrounding communities. Over 100 academic and occupational education courses are taught annually in nine re-locatable classrooms. Included within the site are two distance learning classrooms allowing connectivity to sister campuses, a science lab, a computer lab, a student success center, and an open computer lab.

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