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Declaration of Grounds Decentralization

May 4, 2023

The District is pleased to share that at the request of CSEA, the District and CSEA engaged in discussion to decentralize the groundskeeping functions of the District. This communication is to share information regarding the steps that were taken that led to the decision to decentralize for implementation that begun this week.  While this has been a lengthy endeavor, the District and CSEA have worked together collaboratively to ensure that employees’ needs,  colleges’ needs, and districtwide needs were met to the best extent possible. 

Description of Decentralization 

The Grounds department has decentralized so that instead of having one districtwide Grounds department, each college now has their own Grounds department with specific Grounds staff employees of that college. Each college now has one or more Grounds and Custodial Managers and various Grounds positions. There is one position in the district for a Grounds and Equipment Repair Specialist that will remain centralized to support all four Colleges and the District Office, working under the Maintenance department.   

The Board of Trustees and I extend our gratitude to CSEA President, Virginia Beamer, and CSEA Chief Negotiator, Tyler Johns, as well as Vice Chancellors Julianna Mosier and Christine Miktarian along with Johnathan Kepler, and all the members of the Grounds department for their efforts.  I encourage all of you to welcome your new college groundskeepers to your campus. 


Dr. Carole Goldsmith