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Chancellor’s Message Regarding Israel

Oct 10, 2023

As you may have seen in recent news reports, this past Saturday witnessed a deadly and violent attack by Hamas on Israel, reigniting conflict and war between the two parties. We are seeing shocking images of violence, with over 1,000 deaths and nearly 200 kidnappings of Israelis by Hamas, a terrorist organization that controls the Gaza Strip. (The Palestinian Territories are the West Bank, which is governed by the Palestinian National Authority, and Gaza, which is governed by Hamas.)

Within our community, there are many students, as well as some staff and close associates, who maintain familial or cultural ties to this region. In the coming days, it is likely that we will see localized protests emerge. It's essential to recognize that anxiety, despair, and fear are natural responses as we grapple with these events from a distance. 

In times of global uncertainty, it is vital that we come together as a community to support one another. Your understanding and empathy can make a significant difference during these challenging times. 

I encourage all of us to extend grace, compassion and understanding to those who are experiencing heightened emotions in response to this ongoing conflict. For our students, please be aware that psychological support services are available on campus should they require additional emotional assistance.  For our employees, please refer to our Employee Assistance Program.

The counties of Fresno and Madera also offer a number of services supporting emotional health crises for youth and adults. Please take advantage of them or refer people in need. 

Behavioral Health Access Line: 800-654-3937. Available 24/7 information on services, screening, referral, and linkage and/or eligibility information for various services 

CalHOPE Warm Line: 833-317-HOPE(4673)

Statewide Warm Line: 855-845-4715

California Youth Crisis Line (for ages up to 24): 800-843-5200. Available 24/7


Dr. Carole Goldsmith
State Center Community College District