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Covid-19 Vaccine Reporting Deadline Employee Instructions

Oct 4, 2021

State Center Community College District (SCCCD) is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning and working environment for all students and employees by requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination as a condition to enter any indoor space on district property, effective October 15, 2021.

Employee Vaccine Reporting

In order to comply with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate passed by the State Center Community College District Board of Trustees that goes into effect on October 15, 2021, employees are required to submit proof of their COVID-19 vaccination status to the District no later than October 8, 2021, to allow us time to administer the verification.

Employees who have requested a religious or medical exemption to the vaccine mandate should report in the portal that they are not vaccinated and state for the reason, “Requested a medical/religious exemption to the vaccine mandate and am waiting to hear on the status of that request”.

Employees must report their vaccination status through the “COVID-19 Vaccination Submission” app in the District portal at:

If you have not reported your vaccine status through the portal, you must do so now and upload proof of receipt of the vaccine (copy of vaccine card, vaccine record from your health provider, screen shot of digital vaccine record from the state portal, etc.)

  • If you previously self-attested to receiving the vaccine, but did not submit proof of receipt of the vaccine, your record has been reopened and you must submit your proof now
  • If you previously reported your vaccine status and submitted proof of receipt of the vaccine, your status in the portal should read “Accepted” and there is nothing more you need to do

Get Vaccinated 

Employees who have not yet been vaccinated and intend to do so, have many options for receiving the vaccine:

To learn more about the COVID vaccines, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 website.