Coronavirus Resources District information pertaining to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Message from Chancellor Houston COVID Update

Aug 9, 2021

As we begin the fall semester, I want to provide you with an update on COVID-19 and SCCCD safety protocols. Nationally, we have witnessed an increase in the number of cases due to the Delta variant. Although the Delta variant seems to have peaked in some parts of the country, we are seeing an uptick in cases in our region.

The Center for Disease Control has stated that the Delta variant is as contagious as chickenpox and more transmissible than the common cold, the 1918 Spanish flu, smallpox, and SARS. The highest spread of cases is among the unvaccinated. However, research has shown that vaccinated people can transmit the Delta variant, which recently led health officials to recommend wearing facial coverings while indoors. Health officials also state that the COVID-19 vaccines are effective in preventing serious disease from COVID-19 and the Delta variant.

Although SCCCD is not currently requiring students or employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition to entering District campuses or facilities, we strongly encourage all faculty, staff and students to voluntarily receive one of the COVID-19 vaccinations as soon as possible to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Use the link for details on how to schedule your appointment.

Under current CalOSHA regulations, employers are required to document employee vaccination status. Fully vaccinated employees are asked to self-attest their vaccination status using the COVID Vaccination Submission site. Reporting your vaccination status is strictly confidential and the data is maintained by the Human Resources Department.

The District is adhering to the California Department of Public Health and Center for Disease Control recommendations and requiring that everyone wear facial coverings while inside all SCCCD buildings. Hopefully, requiring both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals to wear a facial covering while indoors is a temporary safety measure to protect public health and we will soon see a reduction in infection rates. You will be notified if and when any COVID-related safety precautions change.

Facial coverings are required for all employees, students and visitors while in all indoor spaces throughout the District, but may be removed if you are alone in an individual office. Facial coverings must comply with CalOSHA requirements and must fully cover the mouth and nose. Acceptable facial coverings include a surgical mask, medical procedure mask, respirator, tightly woven fabric or non-woven fabric of at least two layers. A facial covering does not include a scarf, ski mask, balaclava, bandana, turtle neck, collar, or single layer of fabric.

The District will provide facial coverings to all employees upon request. Respirators will be provided to all employees who are not fully vaccinated and are working indoors or in vehicles with more than one person upon request.

If a facial covering interferes with an employee’s ability to perform their work, they should contact their supervisor to discuss exceptions to the policy. If an employee with a medical condition, mental health condition or disability requires an accommodation from the facial covering requirement, they should contact Human Resources.

Students are also required to wear a facial covering in all indoor spaces throughout the District. If a student is not in possession of a facial covering and would like one, they are available free of charge. The college will provide the location where masks are available for students. If a student refuses to wear a mask, it will be treated as a student code of conduct issue and the Division Dean or Dean of Students will be contacted.

If an employee is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, stay home and contact your dean or manager and Human Resources. If students show up for class and are experiencing symptoms they will be sent home and the Dean will be notified.

We will continue to monitor and adhere to public health guidance that is provided to us by the Departments of Public Health in our service areas as well as state and federal mandates. As the COVID-19 continues to evolve, we will continue to inform you of any changes.

Have a safe and healthy fall semester.