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Governor Announcement

Dec 3, 2020

The Governor just announced a new three week regional stay at home order for the State.

It will begin when certain regions reach a 15% or less ICU capacity. The regions include Northern California, Bay Area, Greater Sacramento, San Joaquin Valley, Southern California. Current projections show all regions except the Bay Area meeting that threshold in the next few days.

Fresno will once again open up the Convention Center for an additional 125 beds.

When we reach that 15% or less ICU capacity, these industries will be closing:

  • Bars
  • Wineries
  • Personal Services
  • Hair Salons/Barbershops

Remaining Open:

  • Schools with waivers
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Retail 20% capacity
  • Restaurants take-out & delivery only

All non-essential travel restricted - they do not want people mingling

He does want people to exercise outside, walking, skiing, etc.

California will be receiving 327,000 doses Dec 12 -15

Those receiving the vaccines initially include clinical healthcare workforce & long-term care residents.

327,000 doses are broken into 3 tiers

  • Tier 1: Acute care facilities, psychiatric facility hospitals, correctional facility hospitals, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, paramedics, EMTs, emergency medical responders and dialysis centers
  • Tier 2: Intermediate care facilities, home health care and community health care workers, public health field staff, primary care clinics, urgent care clinics and correctional facility clinics
  • Tier 3: Specialty clinics, lab workers, dental clinics, pharmacy staff (especially in higher risk areas)

The Governor says help is on the way. They are expecting more doses of the vaccine from other manufacturers soon and will announce that distribution. He was clear that he was not going to allow influential people to jump to the head of the line.