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Shelter in Place Order

Mar 18, 2020

State Center Community College District Employees,

Fresno City Council issued a “Shelter in Place” order which begins tonight at midnight through March 31, 2020.

I have attached the emergency order. Although all of our colleges are not in the City of Fresno, we will have a uniform response and adhere to the Shelter in Place order at all of them. 

Given this news, the District will be conducting business online only beginning Thursday, March 19, 2020 through April 24, 2020 with the exception of essential staff.  The plan is to resume face-to-face interactions April 27, 2020.  However, that date is subject to change based on recommendations from our health departments and our elected officials.

I would like to reassure everyone that you will receive a paycheck.

Under the City of Fresno’s Shelter in Place Order, the following provisions are relevant to District operations.

District employees residing within the City of Fresno may leave their residence to operate essential businesses, provided that they maintain social distancing of six feet.  Essential businesses may continue to operate, include educational entities and are defined as follows: "Educational Institutions-including public and private K-12 schools, colleges, and universities--for purposes of facilitating distance learning or performing essential functions, provided that social distancing of six-feet per person is maintained to the greatest extent possible." This means that (a) employees may leave their residences to go to District facilities within the City of Fresno for the purposes of facilitating distance learning; and (b) District facilities may remain open for the purpose of performing essential functions. 

Essential functions are not specifically defined in the order, however, non-essential businesses may remain open to support “Minimum Basic Operations” (MBO) and employees residing in the City of Fresno may leave their residences to support MBO.  As a result, District facilities may remain open and District employees covered by the order may leave their residences to:

  • Perform the minimum activities necessary to main the value of the business’s inventory, ensure security, process payroll, employee benefits, and related functions. 
  • Perform the minimum activities to facilitate employees of the business to being able to work remotely from their residences. 

Additionally, schools and other entities that provide free food services to members of the public may continue to do so as long as the food is provided on a pick-up and take-away basis. Food must not be eaten on site. 

All first responders are exempt from the order, including emergency management personnel, emergency dispatchers, and law enforcement personnel.

“Essential Government Functions” are exempt and include all services needed to ensure the continuing operation of the government agencies and provide for the health, safety, and welfare of the public.  

All of the exceptions are still subject to the social distancing requirements.

Please continue to check your emails for updates.

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