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State Center Community College District Chancellor Congratulation Message to Dr. Castro

Sep 23, 2020

On behalf of State Center Community College District, I and our Board of Trustees want to offer our sincere congratulations on your hard-earned accomplishment. You have the determination to dream BOLDLY and accomplish those dreams. The selection by the CSU Board of Trustees naming you Chancellor of the 23 California State University Campuses, is a testament to your impact at CSU Fresno. I know that I have personally enjoyed working together and appreciate all of your support for the State Center Community College District students. We will miss you but recognize that this is an historic moment for Latinos that will impact students for generations to come. As a role model, I know you will continue to encourage students to be bold and reach for their dreams, except now your reach is on a statewide scale.

Your commitment, knowledge, accomplishments, and integrity are unmatched. The trustees couldn't have selected a better candidate, you are ideal for this position. Enjoy this exciting time, and congratulations again on your career milestone.

Dr, Paul Parnell
State Center Community College District