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Bookstore Transition

Frequently Asked Questions (updated July 1, 2019)

The partnership with Follett Higher Education Group will begin on July 11th. Transition planning will be ongoing over the next several weeks. District staff may track updates on the SCCCD Intranet under Quick Links.

Transition events are currently underway.  We are working hard on inventory valuations and adoptions.  A third party inventory company will be on site the week of July 8 to do an inventory count.  Follett employees will also be a site that same week to begin setting up and training for the cutover date of July 11.  Please check the intranet site for updates.

All of the bookstores will continue to accept adoptions in any format – paper or email. After the partnership begins, SCCCD faculty members will have the ability to use the “Follett Discover” textbook adoption tool. This tool combines advanced search capabilities (including sourcing OER titles) with detailed information on course material formats, pricing and reviews by other faculty members. For more information please see:

Follett Discover Website

In addition, after the transition, the local store managers will be glad to provide additional onsite training for faculty.

No. Through our partnership with Follett, SCCCD will drive significant cost savings for students by providing affordable choices for course materials. These choices will include a significantly expanded textbook rental program (at up to 80% off the new price), and an extensive selection of new, used and digital books. The stores will also have a price match program to ensure students get their materials at the lowest cost possible, as well as a year-round buyback program.

Follett will integrate systems with each college’s learning management system (Canvas), allowing students to view their registered courses learning materials (including prices and formats) so they can easily place their order. Follett will also provide expanded accessibility to OER content – with a direct integration to Canvas.

Follett Access, the company’s inclusive access solution, delivers even more opportunities for savings by offering course materials at significantly reduced prices (30% -90%) through the learning management system.

Follett will honor existing purchase orders, financial aid accounts and third party billing. After the transition on July 11, Follett will work with the financial aid offices to identify opportunities to simplify the billing process for financial aid and third party billing. In the meantime, please continue to place order with the store.

Instructions for purchase orders and third party billing are included on the District Intranet site under Bookstore Transition.

Follett will honor existing gift cards and credits.

Yes, the campus store will continue to sell parking passes. It is the intention of Follett to continue with the same services currently offered.

This includes the sale of discount Movie Tickets.

Yes, Follett will create individual campus bookstore sites for each College campus store. The updated campus sites will go live on July 11, 2019. These sites will reflect the campus brand and accept credit cards and PayPal. Orders placed online can be shipped or picked up in the store.

The website addresses will remain the same.  We are working on links and connectivity now.

The bookstores will close for several days during the cutover process.  Closings are tentatively scheduled for July 10-12.  Scantron forms and any other necessary items will be available at alternate locations.  Announcements as to when and where will be available at the bookstores and online.

Course materials unlikely to be re-adopted will be sold to a wholesale company.  Certain general merchandise clearance items are currently selling at a steep discount at all bookstore locations.