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Time Off Requests for Employees Who Punch Time

Step 1. Time-Off Request

1) Select the menu icon.

menu button

2) From the My Info menu, select the My Time icon, then Time Off.

time off button

3) Select Request

request button

You'll be able to see your accrual balances. Using the drop down menu, you can view the leaves available to you.

leave balance page

4) To begin a Time Off Request, select the browse icon.

browse icon

5) Select one of the leave bubbles. In this example, sick leave was selected.

leave options screen

6) Select the "Start Request" button on the right side of the screen.

start request button

7) Choose a request type.

"Full Day" - For employees who have a pre-loaded scheduled.
"Multiple Days" - The same request for multiple consecutive workdays.
"Partial Day (Bulk)" - Exempt staff to record bulk hours.
"Partial Day (Start/Stop)" - Classified, Confidential staff to record the hours absence.

request type dropdown menu

8) Complete the form:

  • Select a date
  • Enter the time in/out of your leave (Partial Day Start/Stop)
  • Select the calculate button on your new projected balance
  • Enter a comment, optional
  • Select "Submit Request"

9) Partial Day Request
Partial Day Bulk requests are for exempt staff; Management and Faculty. All remaining employee types use the Partial Day (Start/Stop).

10) Your time off request is now reflected on your timesheet (stripped line = pending status).

pending status request

11) You'll receive a notification when your manager has approved your time off request.

12) To view notifications:
Select the notification icon next to your profile icon on the upper right side of the screen.

notification icon

13) When your manager has approved your request, your scheduled vacation day will be updated with a solid line.

approved request

You can also view your time off schedule. Select "My Schedule," then "Schedule."

my schedule icon

work scheduled calendar