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How to Organize Your Dashboard Page

The UKG Ready dashboard is separated into sections, top, bottom, middle, left, and right.
To move a widget, you need to select the three action dots on the upper right hand side of the widget box. You must hover your mouse over the widget to see the three dots.
UKG dot widget

Select "Move To", then the section where you want to move your widget.

"Move To" button Section choices

My Dashboard Tab

If you select the "My Dashboard" underneath your name, you'll see a blank page. You can customize this page to only include the widgets that you want to see.
Select the gear and a drop down menu will give you options. Select "Enable Edit Mode"
gear button gear drop down menu

Choose a template or preview the template.
Note: Depending on the permission granted to you, some widgets may not be available to you. employee and generic options

Then you can remove the widgets you do not want on your page. The employee template provides a quick links menu for easy access to the system areas.