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Office 365 on iPhone

Microsoft Office 365 Logo

Instructions are provided below for setting up Office 365 with the iPhone native email app or by installing the Microsoft Outlook app on you iPhone. Follow the instructions under your preferred app.

Note: The Outlook App has many more features that user's will find very useful and convenient over the native email app!

  1. Go to the Apple iPhone home screen as shown below:
    iPhone Home Screen.
  2. Open the App Store by tapping on the icon on the desktop as outlined below:
    iPhone App Store icon location.
  3. The App Store page will now open as shown:
    iPhone App Store screen.
  4. Tap on the Search icon located at the bottom right side of the screen as outlined in red:
    location of the search button on the iPhone App Store.
  5. Search for "Outlook" and you should see the download page as shown:
    iPhone App Store search results with Outlook as search term.
  6. Tap on the download button that is circled in red below:
    location of the download button on the iPhone App Store search results screen.
  7. When the App is finished downloading it will appear on the desktop of your iPhone:
    Outlook icon on iPhone home screen.
  8. Tap on the Outlook App icon as outlined below:
    location of the Outlook icon on the iPhone home screen.
  9. The Outlook App will open and the configuration will begin. Type in your Email Address and then tap on the "Add Account" button:
    Outlook add account screen.
  10. You are directed to the District’s Portal Login page as shown:
    Outlook opens District login page.
  11. Input your District Active Directory Username and your District Active Directory Password. Make sure you select the “Employee” radio button and then tap on the “Login” button as outlined in red:
    location of fields and buttons on District login page.
  12. The Outlook Inbox screen will appear and will look something like the image below:
    Oulook inbox screen.
  13. The Outlook App for the iPhone is now installed!

  1. Go to the Apple iPhone home screen as shown:
    iPhone Home Screen
  2. Tap on the “Settings” icon as shown:
    location of Settings icon on the iPhone home screen.
  3. Once inside settings, find the Passwords & Accounts icon circled below:
    iPhone Setting screen.
  4. The Accounts screen will now appear as shown in the graphic below:
    iPhone Password and Accounts screen.
  5. Tap on the “Add Account” menu item.
  6. The different email service choices will appear as shown:
    Add Accounts screen on iPhone
  7. Tap on the “Exchange” menu choice outlined in red:
    location of Exchange icon on Add Account screen of iPhone.
  8. Now you will set up the iPhone to talk to Exchange and will need the following:
    1. Domain Username
    2. Domain Password
    3. Domain Email Address
    4. In some cases you may have to enter the Office 365 domain:
  9. The Exchange dialog box appears on the screen as shown:
    Exchange dialog on iPhone.
  10. Input your District Email Address, District Active Directory Password, and a Description for this account
  11. You will now be greeted by a screen asking if you want to “Configure Manually” or “Sign In” using Microsoft as shown:
    1. Choose to Sign in using Microsoft:
      Sign in using Microsoft dialog.
  12. The Microsoft dialog box appears allowing you to choose to sign in using:
    1. Work or School Account
    2. Personal Account
  13. Choose the Work or School Account as shown:
    Work or school account option on Microsoft sign in screen.
  14. You will briefly see a dialog box appear stating that the application is taking you to your sign in page.
  15. The District’s Sign in Page will appear as shown:
    District login page.
  16. There are several important settings you need to pay attention to here:
    1. The username is the user’s Active Directory username they use every day
    2. The password is the user’s Active Directory password they use every day
    3. You must select the “Employee” radio button
  17. The screen below has these fields outlined in red:
    District Login page with outline fields and buttons.
  18. Tap on the Login button to continue
  19. The Microsoft “Permissions Requested” dialog box will now appear as shown below. Tap on the “Accept’ button to continue:
    Microsoft Permission Accepted screen.
  20. You will briefly see the “Verifying” screen and then be greeted by the exchange options:
    iPhone Exchange options screen.
  21. Remember, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Notes are all synced by default!
  22. Tap on the “Save” button on this screen to continue
  23. You have now added the account to the iPhone!
  24. It will take several minutes for the iPhone to synchronize the account – be patient!
  25. Return to Settings>Passwords & Accounts
  26. Tap on the left pointing arrow for the account you just created and you will see the dialog screen for the account.
  27. By default, the iPhone is set to only synchronize 1 Month’s email.
  28. You are done!