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MyPortal Staff Sign In

Beginning in February, login procedures for employees will change slightly. After clicking Sign In at My Portal, (or Canvas, Starfish etc.) users will be directed to a Microsoft sign in page where they will enter their full username, then they will redirect back to our portal to enter their password. Changing the order will reduce the number of MFA challenges users will see during their workday.


  1. My Portal
  2. Click Sign In
    My Portal Landing
  3. Microsoft Login
    Enter your 5 character username @ your, and click Next.

    For Example
    Fresno City College :
    Staff Fresno Login

    Clovis :
    Staff Clovis Login

    Madera :
    Staff Madera Login

    Reedley :
    Staff Reedley Login

    District Staff :
    Staff District Login
  4. District Portal
    Your full username will automatically fill in. Enter your password and click Sign In
    Staff District Login
  5. MFA Challenge
    Staff MFA