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Develop/Review Project Outline

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Before looking for funding sources, speaking with campus administrators or even developing a budget it is important that you first develop a project outline. This outline will be your guide as you seek grant funding.

Thought it may seem logical to find a funding agency first and then develop a plan to fit its grant application, this process often results in bad funds-to-project matches. Significantly changing a project’s parameters to fit funding guidelines can lead to poor outcomes and/or poorly implemented projects.

After building your project outline, you can locate the best funding source matches. The outline will also help you develop the budget and establish important talking points for discussions with campus team members during grant proposal development.

Basic Grants Outline:

  • What is your goal?
  • Who are you serving?
  • What are your current resources? Consider financial, personnel, facilities, and external resources. Remember, a grant seldom covers the entire cost of a project; the college will probably need to contribute to the project as well.
  • How much external funding will you need to carry out the project and for how long? How will you sustain the project after the grant period ends?
  • Who are the potential partners to assist in this grant (other campuses, community members, possible match sources, etc.)?

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