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Each campus has a process where-by applications are ‘approved’ for submission through the review/signing of a Routing Slip packet. This process is in addition to the Notice of Intent to Apply form completed at the time the grant is initiated, and must be completed before the application is sent to the District Office for final approval and submission.

Compile a copy of your application including your approved budget, draft narrative sections, and work plan (if applicable). Contact your campus Administrative Services office for the necessary ‘Routing Slip’ template to accompany this packet. Once this Routing Slip is prepared and attached to your grant packet, the documents should be forwarded to your campus administration for signature. Each division/departments process for who must sign may differ.

The required signatures for a Routing Slip to progress to the District Office include the VP of Administrative Services and the college President.

Once signed, the Routing Slip should be forwarded to the Grants Department as soon as available; electronic or scanned copies are allowable but the original copy should follow in interoffice mail.

If the campus' signed Routing Slip is not received by the Grants Department, District consent for application submission cannot be sought.

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