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Transportation Department

Vice Chancellor of Operations: Christine Miktarian 
District Director of Maintenance & Transportation: Johnathan Kepler
Interim Transportation Coordinator: Amanda Gee
Phone #: 559-243-7203

Purpose and Mission

The Mission of the State Center Community College District Transportation Department is to provide ground transportation services to the District in order to support the educational, athletic, and administrative needs of the District.

The Transportation Department assists in the overall mission of the District by providing transportation services that enhance a positive learning and working environment encouraging student success.

The goal of the Transportation Department is to provide well-managed, safe transportation services, in a well prioritized and cost effective manner, that are available when needed. The Transportation Department charters and rents vehicles in order to meet these goals.

Delineation of District and College Roles, Responsibilities and Service Outcomes

The role of the Transportation Department is to provide transportation services that will enhance the educational experience of the students, support the instructional staff in meeting these goals, and to support the administrative functions of the District.

There are additional vehicles in the District which are used for instructional programs and non-instructional use. The Transportation Department does not manage, or monitor these vehicles. However, the Transportation Department does maintain these vehicles. The Transportation Department provides transportation services for all approved trips for staff, students and administrators at State Center Community College District, which has campuses located in Fresno (3 sites), Clovis, Madera, Oakhurst and Reedley. This includes four college campuses and five satellite sites.

Services Provided

The Transportation Department provides transportation services to all District students, staff and administrators of the District. These services are provided in order to support the educational experience of the students, to support the instructional staff in the educational process, and to support the administrators and staff by providing needed transportation services.

The specific types and nature of the services that are provided by the Transportation Department include vehicles and buses for a variety of events including:

  • College trips
  • Museum trips
  • Field study
  • Athletic events
  • Upward bound trips
  • Staff trips
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Training
  • Parking Shuttles
  • Classroom experience trips
  • College registration, Recruitment, Registration-to-Go trips.
  • Instructor transportation to off-site classes/meetings

The Transportation Department is required to review the driving records of all District drivers. This is done through the California Pull Notice Program. This program alerts all registered employers of any change to the driving records of any licensed driver who has been registered in the Pull Notice Program. Pull Notice records are sent to the District electronically whenever an employee is enrolled, or whenever there are change to the employees driving record. Each pull notice is reviewed, and a copy of the Pull Notice is maintained in the Transportation Coordinators office. Currently the transportation monitors and manages nearly 900 employee records.