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The G Sign

The Guarantee G SignFor 30 years, the G sign atop the building rotated and changed colors according to the weather. Downtown workers and visitors counted on the G for weather information as they strolled the Fulton Mall, and the G became an iconic part of the Fresno skyline.

When the District inspected the G sign, we hoped the repairs would consist of replacing some rusted panels and the existing lighting system. Unfortunately, the sign is in poor shape. It is currently held in place with thick wires, and the electrical system for the rotation and lighting does not work.

When scaffolding was constructed for structural engineers to evaluate the sign, it was determined that the sign must be removed to properly inspect all of its internal mechanisms.

After inspection and evaluation by a structural engineer, an architect, and the original sign installer, it was concluded that it is not feasible to refurbish the existing sign. The sign will be removed and replaced with a replica that honors the spirit of the past and complies with current structural design codes.

The process will require redesign, materials testing, and other additional work; however, the payoff will be immense. The new replica sign will have upgraded LED lighting to follow the current exterior building lighting schemes that change in recognition of commemorative events.

Knowing the historical significance of our building, the District contacted the City of Fresno's historic preservation committee for input and guidance. As work on the G Sign progresses, the District will keep the committee and the community updated.

G Sign Tentative Timeline

The sign will be removed by the end of January 2024. We do not yet have a definitive timeline for reinstallation, as it depends on what is discovered and the extent of tests needed, as well as reengineering and constructing efforts. We hope to unveil a beautiful new G sign by summer, 2025.