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Update to Canvas Login

The California Community College State Chancellors Office requires that students have a California Community College Identifier (CCCID) in order to log into Canvas. Students that do not have a CCCID will be forced to create one before being allowed access to Canvas.

What is the purpose of the CCCID?

The CCCID established in OpenCCC is a common statewide student identifier that will be used to identify students across all California State funded applications.

How to determine if you need a CCCID?

Some students may already have a CCCID. Students should log into My Portal to determine if they need to take steps to create a CCCID before trying to access Canvas. Students that need to take action will see the following message in the portal:

portal CCCID proxy message

If the above message is not presented in the portal then no further action is required. Students that see the above message in the portal should click on the message link to read detailed instructions on what to expect when accessing Canvas.

If you have questions or need help, do not contact the State Center Community College District Student Technical Support. Please contact OpenCCC Technical Support at 877-247-4836 or