State Center Community College Foundation

2018-2019 Board of Directors

Gina Cuttone, President
Troy Collins, Vice President
Chris Morse, Treasurer
Dr. Marilyn Behringer, Member-at-Large
Robbie Farmer, Member-at-Large
Kevin Herman, Member-at-Large
Jim Lynes, Member-at-Large
Karen Musson, Member-at-Large

Consuelo Alvarado
Craig Armstrong
Bob Bagdasarian
Gregory Baxter
Stephen Becker
Gus Bonner
Bree Comstock
Bruce Droz
Paul Duckworth
Pamela Freeman-Fobbs, J.D.
Magdelena Gomez, SCCCD Trustee
Don Larson
John Leal, SCCCD Trustee
Harold McClarty
Rochelle NOblett
Scott Odell
Cicely Roberts, M.D.
Karen Simmons-Gillian
Jeff Tatsumura
Susan Woesner


Ex-Officio Members

Dr. Paul Parnell, Chancellor
Cheryl Sullivan, Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration

Honored Board Members

Terry Barthuli
Jo Nell Beal *
Jill Cholewa
Michael Dowling
Coke Hallowell
Richard Johanson
Dr. Clyde McCully
Pete P. Peters *
JoAnn Price
Joanne Quinn
Gary Renner
Rick Schoenwald
Richard Shehadey
Dr. Bill Stewart
Dennis Woods



Dr. Lori Bennett, President, Clovis Community College
Dr. Jerry Buckley, President, Reedley College
Dr. Carole Goldsmith, President, Fresno City College
Angel Reyna, President, Madera and Oakhurst Community College Centers

Foundation Staff

Rico Guerrero, Executive Director
Kelly Joos, Assistant Director
Leslie Mabray, Accountant


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