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computer showing digital invoices

Invoicing / Payment

The Accounting Department is responsible to ensure that all legal and procedural requirements have been met prior to authorizing payments to vendors. In order to facilitate the timely processing of payments, the following information must appear on your invoice to State Center Community College District:

  1. The entire State Center Community College District purchase order number.
  2. The vendor name as shown on the purchase order.
  3. An invoice number and date of preparation.
  4. The vendors federal identification number.
  5. A detailed description and part or item number of material ordered to ensure proper identification.
  6. The quantity of goods or services provided.
  7. The unit and extended prices of the goods or services provided.
  8. The terms, location and date of delivery.
  9. Any applicable discounts.

Invoices should not be sent prior to shipment, and remember that the State Center Community College District purchase order number must appear on all invoices. It is the intent of the District to pay all approved invoices on a timely basis. Incomplete invoices may result in a delay of this process. Invoices should be sent in duplicate to:

State Center Community College District
Accounts Payable

1171 Fulton Street
Fresno, CA 93721
(559) 243-7100