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Helping You Succeed

The Purchasing Department provides assistance to the District departments by identifying qualified vendors, preparing bid documents, coordinating the bidding process, and analyzing vendor responses. Purchasing also provides assistance to prospective vendors by identifying potential opportunities, sharing vendor information with departments, and helping vendors understand State Center Community College District policies and bidding procedures.

Making an initial contact with the Purchasing Department is a critical first step to successfully participate in the procurement process. Although we have an open door policy, we recommend that you call and schedule an appointment prior to visiting the Purchasing Department. This will guarantee seeing the appropriate person and we will be better prepared to learn about your company. When you meet with Purchasing, please be prepared to discuss your level of distribution, line cards, references, bonding capability, and any other information you feel will help us understand your products and services. A well-planned and productive meeting will help us to help you.

If you are contacted directly by a faculty or staff member, you are to inform the Purchasing Department. This will ensure that the proper policies and procedures are followed to save you time, effort, and increase your opportunities of doing business with State Center Community College District.