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Basic Purchasing Policy

The purpose of State Center Community College District's Purchasing Department is to ensure that all conduct, in reference to the procurement of goods and services, is in accordance with the procedures set forth by the Board of Trustees, the California Public Contract Code, the California Education Code and other applicable laws of the State of California. We also ensure that in any purchase transaction, the requirements for competition have been met, bidding and negotiation have been conducted in accordance with applicable policies, and no conduct of compromise to the public trust is present.

We recognize the important services rendered by our vendors in helping to fulfill our requirements in a cost effective and efficient way. The vendor is our partner in this process, our link to needed resources and technology and, as such, extremely valuable to the District and its operation. The Purchasing Department is committed to helping all vendors have a mutually beneficial business relationship with the District. This can only be accomplished by working together.

All goods and services procured by State Center Community College District are done by way of the purchase order process. An official State Center Community College District order contains an authorized purchase order number and signature. It is the only recognized method for the purchase of goods and services obligating the District for payment.