Frequently Asked Questions

Districtwide Classification Study

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Q What is the purpose of the Classification Study?
A The purpose of this study is to obtain accurate and descriptive information about the work in classified positions. The goal is to update the job descriptions and ensure that positions are correctly classified.

Q Why is a Classification Study being done now?
A Since it has been many years that most of the job descriptions have been updated, the existing job descriptions may not currently account for gradual changes in duties which may have occurred over time (for example, many years ago when job descriptions were last reviewed, typewriters were more heavily used).

Q Will the study include looking at salaries? (Will there be cuts to my pay?)
A The study is not intended to take anything away from employees. Based on Personnel Commission rules, salary range recommendations will be made. For bargaining unit positions, the salary will be determined through the collective bargaining process. For management and confidential positions, the District after considering the Commission’s recommendation, will determine the salary range.

Q What is my role in this study?
A All employees will be scheduled for an appointment where the process will be explained and time given to complete a questionnaire.

Q Can my supervisor change anything on my questionnaire?
A Your supervisor will have the opportunity to review your questionnaire and answer a separate questionnaire but will not be able to “change” anything on your questionnaire.

Q Is this a performance review?
A No. The classification study and the information you provide on your questionnaire is not a performance review.

Q Who will conduct the Classification Study?
A Personnel Commission staff will conduct the classification study.

Q How will the study be conducted?
A Personnel Commission staff will send appointment emails via Eventbrite, an online registration system. Employees will be able to select an appointment time near their work location.

Q Can I still submit a request for reclassification?
A No. The Personnel Commission will not be accepting reclassification requests from employees while the study is being conducted.

Q Am I required to do this?
A Yes. The Personnel Commission has approved a study of all positions in the Classified Service.

Q Will there be layoffs?
A The goal of the study is to update job descriptions and have accurate information about the work being performed. It is not the intent of this study to layoff employees.

Q Who will complete a Position Description Questionnaire for position that are currently vacant?
A The immediate supervisor of the position.

Q Isn’t this really about trying to pay us less for doing the same work?
A No. If the study indicates that the classification to which your position is assigned is ultimately assigned to a lower compensation range, your position would be “y-rated” (See PC Rules Definition of Y-Rate).

Q After the study, who will be making any changes and when?
A Recommendations are typically discussed with the administration and incumbents of affected positions prior to formal action by the Personnel Commission.

Q How long will it take?
A A tentative schedule has been created to conduct the classification study and has been posted on the website. The scheduled timeline may be changed based on circumstances that may arise during the study. After completion of the study, cycles will be put in place to continuously review and update classification specifications.

Your patience, input and participation in this job classification study is truly appreciated. Thank you!